You have shifted into a new house and the cost which almost broke your back. You are planning to settle down in your new home and keep very low on expenses over the next few months, when you find out that you need some urgent plumbing work that cannot be put off. What do you do? Or rather what should you do? Hire a plumbing or look up a plumbing contractor or try to do it yourself and save yourself a small fortune on the ensuing bill.

Advantages of DIY Projects

This is a good decision when:

1. You have a basic idea and training in plumbing. You might not be a professional plumber, but there are many people who have a good idea about “fixing things around the house” and they are good at it, too. If you are among those people who know how get about in a house, do go ahead and take this work up. However, be very honest with yourself about your capacity to “fix” things, lest you would have to pay more to repair your “fixing” than the problem itself.

2. The repairs required are not very extensive – plumbing, if not done well has the knack of becoming worse before becoming better. If the repairs are extensive, it is better that you call a professional to repair it fast. If you plan to spread the repairing schedule over a couple of weekends, you might get into more trouble than help. If on the other hand, the repairs are not very extensive, go ahead and do it over the weekends and you will save a bundle.

3. You have an immediate alternative at hand – let us say you are tinkering with something and instead of getting better it gets worse by the minute; what do you do? This would hardly be the time to research and choose the right professional. Therefore, it is good that you make the choice before hand and have the telephone number handy – just in case things do not go as planned.


DIY projects are not a good idea when:

1. The repairs are extensive and complicated – be sure you are able to differentiate between the DIY stuff and heavy duty stuff that would require the intervention of a professional. Very often, when extensive repairs are required and you just fix it on the surface, the problem might fester and become worse over time. This would demand more money and effort later on.

2. The house is old and not repaired/ maintained for long – this would mean that there would be the possibility of more problems coming up as you repair the ones most visible. Do not attempt repairs in this case, as this could lead to major troubles ahead.

3. The fees charged by the professionals is relatively low – in that case it is always better to let the professional do the work, rather than you bungling through it – unless you know what you are doing and love doing it.

Stewart Wrighter needed the services of a Cincinnati plumbing contractor for a remodeling job he and his wife were completing. He hired a Cincinnati plumbing contractor to design a bathroom for his vacation home.

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